A Cupid's Checklist

Here’s a Cupids’ Checklist Just For You

Well, Valentine’s Day is just round the corner and I would like to help you organize your Valentine Week with a list.

Who says that Valentine’s Day is celebrated in just one day on 14th February?

I am going to help you start a new tradition with your loved ones that you can easily follow. Your Valentine Week will start on the 7th of February and ends on 14th February. You can show your love to your partner and loved ones in many ways.

Express your love on Valentine Week which is purely divided into these 8 days into some romantic gesture. Why 8 days? If you flip the figure 8 horizontally, it’s become a symbol of infinity…

Budget wise is entirely flexible and doable in simplicity or in grand gesture. It is entirely up to you, your wallet and your imagination.

Before you begin your Valentine’s Week, you can prepare completely and decide your day to day love celebration from now on and ditch the last minute panic confusion.

Make your loved one happy in a different way. You can make a surprise trip plan (if your are not in a restricted covid19 quarantine) for your partner or join in a new activity together. Nothing shouts a big gesture by spending dedicated time together.

Valentine Week List Starts Here

1st Day (7th Feb) ROSE DAY

Begin your Valentine Week with a Red Rose a lovely symbol of Love. Can be store bought or from your very own garden


2nd Day (8th Feb) PROPOSE DAY

You can propose to your partner in a romantic way by sharing your feelings at a meaningful place like a beach where you first met. Or your first movie ticket stubs you kept. Try to recreate the cherished first moment that you realized you’re in love with this person.

3rd Day (9th Feb) CHOCOLATE DAY

So now you’re getting the hang of what Valentine Week is all about. Sweeten this 3rd day of the week by gifting your partner or loved ones with Chocolates. Chocolates comes in different varieties and designs in beautiful packages. Shower your partner with some gourmet chocolates or specially handmade yourself.

4th Day (10th Feb) TEDDY DAY

You can gift your cutie pie with a cute little Love Teddy Bear.

5th Day (11th Feb) PROMISE DAY

Promises and Vows is the door that connects 2 hearts together. You can give your love promises for each year you are together or repeat the vows you made on your special wedding day.

Here are some examples you may want to include in your promises :

  1. Give importance to your partner

  2. Not breaking trust ….

  3. Supporting your partner every step in their endeavors

  4. Never lie to your partner

  5. Never doubt your partner

6th Day (12th Feb) HUG DAY

Give your loved ones a magic HUG filled with endless Love like there’s no tomorrow. During this pandemic when you really can’t hug your partner, come up with a most creative Hug.

7th Day (13th Feb) KISS DAY

On this day, express your love by kissing your loved one on the fore head, lips, cheeks, hands, etc. Pssst … select appropriately to whom you are kissing. Air kisses if you can’t be in close contact due to covid19.

8th Day (14th Feb) IT’S VALENTINE’S DAY

Finally it’s Valentine’s Day. You can spend relaxed moments with your loved one together in a special way or share your love with the world by giving back to society by helping your neighborhood during this difficult time with care packages or anyone in need.

Told ya… its doable and easy on your wallet.

Valentine week list (Calendar)